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How did Cultivating Change evolve?

Cultivating Change was started in 2020 during lockdown by Sally Nye with the support of  pioneering seed company, CN Seeds.


Conversations had earlier this year with friend & life coach Gill Harvey-Bush and husband Dan encouraged Sally to start the Cultivating Change initiative. 


After years of chronic pain and several back surgeries, Sally has struggled with physical and mental health. Recognising the importance of being outdoors and in nature as a pathway for recovery Sally aims to build Cultivating Change into a supportive virtual community platform. The aim of which is to help others improve their mental and physical well being through gardening and growing vegetables. The seeds for the initiative will be donated by CN Seeds, as a positive, and ethically responsible way to use their excess seed production. 


Cultivating Change encourages charities, schools, families, hospices etc as well as individuals to apply for the seed donation bundles, which will include a variety of specialist seeds. 


Growers are encouraged to join the Cultivating Change community to share their journey and the impact it has had. In time, the aim is to connect growers and keep building the community.

Rosie Ferrandino, a close friend and co-founder 100% believes in our goals at Cultivating Change and is working with us to grow this community.

Sally Nye

Sally Nye

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Rosie Ferrandino

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At CN Seeds we not only see the commercial potential of the seed varieties we offer but also the positive impacts and new opportunities we can foster within communities by donating our seed to a variety of good causes. With this in mind we are excited to launch a new charitable initiative Cultivating Change. Through this venture we aim to create new opportunities for people and communities to prosper.


Though we currently limit donations to UK community groups, schools and other charitable ventures. Our aspiration is to be in a position where we can provide seed free of charge to any good cause globally which can benefit from this and cultivate change as a result.


Gill Harvey-Bush is an inspiring and successful mindset coach who has supported us incredibly to make Cultivating Change a reality. She recognises the positive role gardening and being in nature can have on peoples’ mental and physical health and has grown a wide variety of produce herself.

Gill Harvey Bush

Gill Harvey-Bush