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What does Cultivating Change do?

Growing and gardening are proven to benefit both mind and body and this is the founding premise of our charity 'Cultivating Change' (reg charity no: 1199282). 

Cultivating Change donates seeds to support wellbeing, mental health and communities via gardening & grow your own activities.


We donate thousands of bundles of herb, vegetable and flower seeds to a wide range of growers. These growers can be part of our 'cultivatorsforchange' virtual community where they enjoy the support and encouragement of like-minded people.  


We collaborate with community projects and schools delivering growing workshops and assemblies: this community connection allows Cultivating Change to follow the journey of those growing our seeds and the impact gardening and spending time in nature has on wellbeing. 


Our vision is for horticultural activities, for the benefit of people’s wellbeing to be embedded in healthcare, community & education policy, both nationally & internationally.


Since 2022..

 We have:

- Donated over 10,000 packets of seeds

- Donated seed bundles to over 200 schools

- Delivered growing workshops & assemblies to over 2,000 children.

Impact on Wellbeing

“We’ve brought a lot of health & wellbeing to our wider community, thanks to Cultivating Change”

“Cultivating Change has brought green & light and joy to an otherwise inner-city London classroom"

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