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What does Cultivating Change do?

Growing and gardening are proven to benefit both mind and body and this is the founding premise of our charity 'Cultivating Change' (registration no 1199282).

We provide seed donations ( from pioneering seed company CN Seeds) to support mental health and wellbeing. We are two old school friends who started the initiative at the end of covid lockdown having had first-hand experience of the benefits of nature in relation to mental and physical recovery.


We donate hundreds of bundles of seeds to individuals, families, charities, schools, mental health support groups and more. The growers become part of our 'cultivators for change' virtual community where they enjoy the support and encouragement of like-minded people and this connection allows Cultivating Change to chart the positive impact that growing can have on our community's wellbeing.


Sally Nye & Rosie Ferrandino

CN Seeds Team.jpg


At CN Seeds we not only see the commercial potential of the seed varieties we offer but also the positive impacts and new opportunities we can foster within communities by donating our seed to a variety of good causes. With this in mind we are excited to donate our high quality seed to the charity 'Cultivating Change'. Through this donation we aim to create new opportunities for people and communities to prosper.


Though we currently limit donations to UK community groups, schools and other charitable ventures, our aspiration is to be in a position where we can provide seed free of charge to any good cause globally which can benefit from this and cultivate change as a result.


Gill Harvey-Bush is an inspiring and successful mindset coach who has supported us incredibly to make Cultivating Change a reality. She recognises the positive role gardening and being in nature can have on peoples’ mental and physical health and has grown a wide variety of produce herself. Gill is now a trustee of the charity.

Gill Harvey Bush

Gill Harvey-Bush

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