How to apply for a seed donation...

Cultivating Change is a seed donation initiative which aims to enhance the lives of people and communities through growing and cultivating seeds. To apply to become one of our

#cultivatorsforchange and build our community, please complete the form below.


We also hope you will engage with our Facebook community groups and start posting about your journey!

Cultivating Change Our Community
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Applications open on 1st December. Once it gets to 1st December we will email you to say it is open . Please subscribe to the newsletter for up-to-date information.


Please complete all fields before submitting.

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Where would you grow your seeds?
Are you committed to engaging with / joining the Facebook community group and having your journey posted on social media platforms, along with giving your consent for your photographs and journey to be used?



At Cultivating Change we are committed to donating seeds with the aim of building communities and enhancing as many peoples' lives as possible. To help us do that we would love it if you can:


  • Post your photographs / questions / experiences as regularly as you can to help us build our community.

  • Respect all of our fellow #cultivatorsforchange